I am Karla - a woman, wife and mother on a mission to inspire truly meaningful relationships! 

As someone who has experienced how vital a solid marital relationship can be in difficult times, I want to guide others in weaving bonds that are strong enough to carry those inevitable winds of change and rains of sorrow.

Because storms are part of life. A sudden and intense part. 

My own learning curve was triggered by a call from my mother, in the early evening of 13 October 2009:

“Are you sitting...? You have to be there for your sister now.” 

“Why? What did Etienne do?” 

I somehow knew it had something to do with my sister’s fiancé. 

“He’s committed suicide…” 

In the echoing trail of my mother’s voice, I felt a void. And then, in a moment of complete stillness, I was engulfed by a curious sense. It rushed through every cell of my body, creating a new connection;  a link to my purpose in life. 

Before this call, I’d protected myself with naivety. I was looking at the world through soft, rose-tinted glass. But when the glass shattered, all I could see was the deep and destructive pain that so many people carry with them.

I simply couldn’t understand how someone can feel so desperate and defeated as to take his own life. 

What was he so ashamed of that he saw no other options? What made him feel so bad that he thought he’s not worthy of being here anymore; a part of our family who loves him so dearly? How extreme was the storm of pain brewing inside of him? What distorted view of love led him to this final act?

These questions led me to further my studies. At the time, I had a masters degree in theology, but wanted to learn more about human behaviour and subsequently enrolled at the Demartini Institute. 

As a Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, I now know one thing above all:  

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or haven’t done…YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE.

A range of traumatic events followed that initial phone call, yet it all served to further drive my purpose:

  1. Being held hostage in an armed robbery, I was confronted with the value of human life -Was I going to make it out alive and how am I going to use my time left on earth in a worthwhile manner? 
  2. Then, soon after my engagement, my mother passed away unexpectedly. Amidst the shock and confusion, we had to postpone our wedding. I was left with both an identity crisis and identity blessing - Who am I now that I am not doing everything to get my mother’s acknowledgment?
  3. The birth of my first child amplified the extremities of life, as I became a mother and lost a mother-in-law in the same HOUR…experiencing gain and loss at the same time.

Most importantly, all along on this journey, my HUSBAND WAS THERE, holding my hand, containing my thoughts and treasuring my heart!

Was it not for him, I would have ended on the same road as Etienne.

Our relationship helped me to find meaning and embrace the challenges in life.

Today it brings me the greatest joy to teach couples to invest in meaningful relationships:

· Your relationship with yourself and your dreams

· Your relationship with your partner

· Your relationship with your children


· I know that everyone wants to be loved for who they are;

· I believe that a partnership is the perfect place to reform your image of love; and

· I am certain that kids growing up with a living example from their parents; those who choose connection over disconnection, will give themselves permission to live extraordinary lives.

So, how can I be of assistance to you? How can I help you to make that first beautiful deposit into your relationship?

Love and gratitude